Deploying Augmented intelligence solutions in EU buildings using Data analytics, an interoperable hardware/software Architecture and a Novel self-energy assessment methodology.

What is Auto-DAN?

Energy performance of buildings generally does not include consumption from appliances, and devices that are not part of technical building systems (e.g. heating, ventilation). Currently the designed energy performance of buildings and appliances is improving dramatically, therefore it would be worth gaining an accurate understanding of their actual, real-life energy performance of the products within the building. Furthermore, access to data on the actual energy performance and energy consumption is essential to help users making informed choices, both in terms of investment and in terms of usage and maintenance.

Therefore, there is a need to advance the way actual energy performance and consumption is assessed and measured. Auto-DAN will produce a cost-effective technological solution for the self-assessment of actual energy performance of buildings and the products which use energy in buildings.

The Auto-DAN project will exploit the evolution of IoT and emerging technologies to capture data and create solutions that will enable the self-optimisation of the building’s energy consumption. Auto-DAN will create an augmented intelligence (AuI) solution that will deliver assistive automation in buildings (of any size) and put the occupant firmly at the proactive centre of the building performance. Finally, Auto-DAN will also produce a new dynamic (and continuous) self-assessment methodology that takes into account the actual energy performance of a building, the quality and operation of appliances/systems installed, user operational habits and the smart readiness indicator (SRI) of a building.

Interoperable Software Architectuure

To unlock valuable energy insights that will provide building occupants with energy data regarding their operation

IoT Metering & Smart Appliances

To measure and disaggregate electrical loads in small and medium sized buildings

Digital Occupancy Model

To provide insights into how the user operates appliances in their building & to identify Demand Response opportunities.

Digital Twin

To forecast and predict energy consumption in the buildings while identifying operational efficiencies in the building's systems.

Self Energy Assessment Framework

To facilitate the "live" Audit and analyze and identify various Energy Conservation Measures for the building.

Augmented Intelligence Dashboards

To empower the user to optimize their energy efficiency based on outputs from the Auto-DAN platform

Home Management System

To implement demand response actions and establish a peer-to-peer trading platform for RES

Demo Sites

Our Motivation

The main motivation behind Auto-DAN is to advance the way in which actual energy performance of small and mediums sized buildings is assessed and measured, as the impact of appliances and devices is often ignored during the design phase of a building. The project will reduce the performance gap between the design and operational energy while enabling the self-assessment of building energy consumption. As a result, Auto-DAN will increase the smartness of small and medium sized buildings while promoting peer to peer RES trading and optimizing energy consumption within a sector of the building stock that is often overlooked with regards operational energy reduction.

Our Impact

  • Energy, Carbon and Cost Savings
  • A novel and interoperable hardware and software solution that can be implemented in existing buildings to improve energy performance
  • Improved smartness (e.g SRI) for existing buildings using IoT and Smart Appliances 
  • Improved and more accurate energy audits in small and medium sized buildings.
  • Increased uptake in demand response and flexibility actions in small and medium buildings
  • Expansion of use case for Augmented Intelligence to supplement automated control in buildings
  • Education of building occupants on their energy consumption 

The impact of Auto-DAN will be significant in improving the energy performance of small and medium sized buildings throughout the EU. The projects primary goal is to empower the residents and occupants of small and medium sized buildings to reduce their energy consumption on an ongoing basis. Through the implementation of interoperable hardware and software platforms, coupled with the development of a “live” audit and augmented intelligence dashboards, Auto-DAN will provide real time suggestions to occupants to improve their operational energy consumption, while expanding the uptake of demand response actions in residential and small/medium sized commercial buildings across the EU.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 101000169

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